Antibacterial Single Duvet- Lightweight 250gsm

Fully Antibacterial and helps with cold and flu symptoms as it helps to regulate your body temperature. It also has the added benefit that the natural fibres wick away moisture, keeping you drier and more comfortable even if your fever is causing excessive sweating. Also helps to manage pain without the need to take extra pain killers.


We're delighted to offer our 100% luxurious Australian Merino Wool duvet.  As with all our products, our Duvet range is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable. Our Lightweight duvet is perfect for the summer months or in a warm room. Its safe for children and pets. 



  • Luxuriously soft wool filling that will keep you warm without sweating as it breathable and is temperature regulating.
  • 100% natural product
  • Give you the confidence to know that you are purchasing an eco-friendly product.
  • Being a natural product, wool has a positive effect on skin breathing, thus providing excellent oxygenation during sleep

  • Wool quilts are especially recommended for people with rheumatic ailments

  • Does not require shaking and does not clump, providing superb light drape




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