Antibacterial Pink slippers (100% merino wool)

Fully Antibacterial and helps with cold and flu symptoms as it helps to regulate your body temperature. It also has the added benefit that the natural fibres wick away moisture, keeping you drier and more comfortable even if your fever is causing excessive sweating. Also helps to manage pain without the need to take extra pain killers.


  • This is a 100% Merino wool product from Australian type sheep
  • Anti-rheumatic product.
  • The highest quality wool manufactured in Poland
  • They are durable, light, soft in touch with anti-slip grip for safety
  • It’s a healthy choice for your body as in winter it will keep you warm and in summer cool. The material breaths which means it keeps you warm but doesn’t make you sweat.
  • Does not irritate the skin, gently massaging the nerve endings of the body.
  • It supports the nervous system which helps to manage and reduce pain, headaches, anxiety and fatigue
  • This is a 100% natural and eco product which is safe for children and pets
  • Can be washed in 30 degrees by using appropriate wool detergent
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  • Washing

    All our products can be washed in 30 degrees. Please do not use strong chemicals as it can damage the quality of wool. Each product contains washing directions on tags. You can see them in our pictures.


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